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More than 15 years of experience in trainings & coaching in companies with the topics: Communication, Burnout Prevention, Mindfulness and Emotional Eating

Customized training programs

Trainings & coachings take place in groups or individually. The duration of the trainings depends on the demands of the company. I listen to the specific requirements and adapt the courses individually accordingly . Our focus is on staff development issues, as well as on self-management and emotional intelligence issues.

Dynamic and interactive methodology

An overall aim ist to lead trainings & coaching to promote motivation, flexibility and innovation.
Therefor my teaching methodology is interactive with group dynamics that lead to the direct integration of the contents.


Languages for trainings and conferences are : German, English or Spanish.

Special Topics


  • Communication
    A special developed model leads to the implementation of a stressless and conflict free interaction.
  • Conflict situations
    We see that an adapted communication leads out of conflict situations .
    Conflicts are quickly resolved using easily understandable methods.
  • Customer service
    Especially in customer service, communication requires not only the verbal part but also the NON verbal part.
    With tips and rol plays we implement and practice excellent customer service

Mindfulness in companies for stress reduction
The course is intended to identify and counteract stress signals in an early stage. An integral part of the course are mindfulness-based stress reduction exercises or MBSR

Burnout prevention
This training focuses on rationalization and how it can lead to chronic exhaustion. I work with the participants with dynamics and personal experiences for the prevention of burnout.

Eating and Psyche – Emotional Eating:
In collaboration with a nutrition specialist we have developed this self-awareness seminar. We conduct a process to become aware of our relationship with food and eating. In direct experiences the participantes detect their emotional and social influences to which their eating habits underly.


  • EBAP (Balearic Government)
  • Ames
  • Intress
  • Mater Misericordiae
  • Fuchs Medical Seminars


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