Couple and family therapy

People attend couples or family therapy because the way we relate to each other has become trapped in a vicious circle of action and reaction.

We react over and over again in the same way to the same stimuli, only that the reactions each time become more intense and more charged with negative emotions such as resentment and anger.

Keeping ourselves in this repetitive cycle of behaviors is extremely hurtfull, gives us a feeling of desperation and helplessness, and wears relationships down to the breaking point.

Therefore, maintaining these repetitive patterns of interaction results dysfunctional for everybody involved.

The sooner you go to therapy, the less worn out the relationship is and the less repetitive and dysfunctional behaviors get installed. This increases the possibility of rearranging relationships and achieving reconciliation.

Couple and family therapy is about our relationships and not about love. In therapy we detect different patterns that interact and make us feel stuck.

In order to work in couple or family therapy requires maintaining some „rules of the game“. These interrupt the dysfunctional dynamics of our day to day interactions:

  • We do establish a SAFE environment
  • Each person participates voluntarily and as an active member of therapy.
  • We prevent any form of violence – against objects, interpersonal or in the form of self-harm
  • We get out of blame and judgments
  • We promote listening instead of the usual discussion
  • We care that each person expresses themselves freely
  • It is important to us to understand the particular point of view of each participant.
  • We listen to non-verbal language
  • We look for functional solutions that can serve each member of the family or both parts of the couple.
  • We recommend NOT taking the topics discussed outside of therapy and continue discussing them in another context.

We are glad to see that each person is a happy member of their own system.

For any questions please do not hesitate to get into touch.

We will be happy to hear you.