This is a therapeutic space for all people who have had or are having an experience with assisted reproduction, with interruptions of pregnancies, miscarriages, deaths of children, and the desire to have a child.

A child might come when it is not convenient and when it is convenient he or she might not come.

Difficult times ?

In a miscarriage, the loss requires elaboration. We recommend taking the time to manage all the feelings and reactions related to the loss. Take professional help if you need so.

The decision of an abortioncan cause problems at any time of the process. If the decision is based on rational reasons, difficult emotions can emerge later such as remorse or guilt. We offer a space to elaborate your feelings.

Stay in contact with love

A couple who is having the desire to have a child for during some time, is increasingly focused on dates and times of fertility. The desire to have a child becomes the focus of attention and the sexual act becomes an act of procreation. Spontaneity is lost and with it the enjoyment and pleasure of making love. The relationship becomes an obligation charged with tensions.
If you find yourself in this situation probably is a good time to seek professional help for the couple or to focus on the desire to have a child from another perspective.

Assisted Fertility

Nowadays, with advances in medicine and technology, we are increasingly able to control and plan the fertility process to have a child.

With it we are running the risk of treating our body as a unit that has to function and we lose the global vision of ourselves, the couple, the environment and the vision of the meaning of being human …

Many processes of assisted reproduction, although frequent in their application, are invasive and accompanied by metabolic and hormonal changes. We are facing high demands on our ourselves and our ability to approach psycho – physical – and emotional changes.
We are collaborating in the process of assisted reproduction with  ivi Clinics Mallorca .

Psychological HELP for the fertility process

Psychological help can mean a safe space to expressyour emotions and pay attention to all the changes and feelings in your body that matter.

Learning relaxation techniquesfrom the hand of a professional, can serve to lower the anxiety related to interventions and expectations. A relaxed and serene attitude supports and the whole process and rises the probability of success

If you feel disillusioned or have to cope with a frustration, a professional help can be key to prevent depression. Mourning and states of sadness can be handled much easier with a helping hand and to feel good again with yourself in the time possible.

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Because life is magic, do not loose contact with it.