Workshops & Groups

You can work on different psychological topics at Animate Psychology in the format of  group therapy or in monographic weekend workshops

Group therapy 

Continuous therapeutic groups are usually closed groups which means that after two initial sessions we closed the access to the group for outsiders.

The closed nature of a group creates a protected and safe context which fosters trust and openness to dealing with personal and delicate personal issues.

An added value of the closed character of groups are the dynamics that develop among the members of a group. These dynamics have an important therapeutic value apart from the interventions of the therapist who guides the group.

We emphasize the confidentiality to which any topic dealt with within a therapeutic group obliges.

The duration of a group can vary from several months to the year. Topics that we deal with in closed, continuous groups are for example:

  • Self esteem
  • Emotional eating
  • Support in assisted production processes

Monographic Workshops

We organize workshops on special topics for half a day , a day  or a weekend retreat

Topicsthat we offer in workshops are for example:

  • Emotional Eating – Eating & Psyche ™
  • Mindfulness
  • Topics related to stress and anxiety reduction
  • Body movement workshops
  • Workshops for couples
  • Holotropic Breathwork

We publish the start of continuous groups such as the Workshops in our activities calendar.

We look forward to welcome you!