Intense – Psychotherapy

We have been successfully working in the concept of intensive psychotherapy since 2015. Under the motto: “Back to life”, it is all about the restoration of a functional rutine and a reintegration into a social environment.

Intensive therapy means:

  • Daily therapy sessions also on weekends
  • Double sessions of 100 minutes as a therapy session unit
  • Possible additional units according to individual needs
  • Variation in the therapeutic approach: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Gestalt Therapy, Integrative Body Therapy, Relaxation Techniques, Breathing Excercises , EMDR, Mindfulness

Our concept of therapy-facilitating conditions

We are happy to assist you in planning your stay according to your specific therapeutical and personal needs and conditions.

Staying in Mallorca creates a healthy distance in two respects: on the one hand to the familiar environment and on the other to the problem itself. Normally, both are interconnected. Spatial and personal distance are important elements for therapy.

The holiday character of the island offers the ideal environment to protect your anonymity.

A hotel stay in Majorca is more associated to vacation, relaxation, leisure and fun than „being ill”. This association is able to create a positive attitude and an infectious movement towards “normality and recovery”.

The scenic and climatic appeal of Mallorca, the beauty of nature and the variety of leisure activities act as positive motivators of the overall process.

We pursue a holistic therapy concept that considers mental, emotional and physical-psychosomatic aspects as interacting components on the same level. Symptoms are not considered as isolated, rational phenomena. Rather, it is about recognizing a life – development process that is behind a problem. Symptoms are an indication of a chance for personal development.

Staying in a different, unfamiliar environment and designing the therapy-free time will increase the necessary autonomy to restore functionality.

In particular, the regulation of the intensity of the therapy contributes to the creation of autonomy and self- responsability. We start therapy with a high intensity in time and daily sessions. In some cases of low autonomy, sessions can also be conducted at the hotel or in a private setting.

Initial therapeutic tasks for the off-time are another component of the overall concept.

The time occupancy and intensity is loosened as the patient progresses and towards the end of the therapy, thus increasing the free time and autonomy.

Post- treatment- care and continuity of the therapy are possible online.

To consolidate and permanently integrate the treated contents, many clients repeat their therapeutic stay. The duration of stays tends to be shorter every time. Several clients just up once in a while for a weekend and a „stay on track“ help.

We tailor the overall therapeutic concept according to your needs and possibilities. Please clarify a possible reimbursement of treatment by a private insurance in advance to your stay. We are happy to assist you.