Individual Therapy & Counselling

Individual therapy is the classic model of psychotherapy. It is the opportunity to meet a therapist face to face in a safe and secure environment.

A secure framework means that all information and the very encounter are kept confidential.

Individual therapy is the opportunity to express and deal with delicate topics.

These might be personal, professional, health or body issues. It can also be about relationships, childhood situations, family matters, or a decision to make.

As a therapist, we primarily work in a supportive way. We refrain from blaming. We have the premise that everyone is always doing the best they can.

Psychotherapy is a framework in which you can allow yourself to be who you are.We as therapists will neither evaluate nor judge you. The mere fact of not being judged has a “healing” component in itself since everybody is afraid of judgments and ultimately rejection. In a further step, we invite you to be kind to yourself, including suspending self- criticism and the condemnation of one’s own behavior.

The privacy and confidentiality of individual therapy makes it possible to bring to light even complex and intimate, destructive and shame-charged thoughts, emotions and behaviors. Breaking a taboo expressing something never mentioned could be therapeutic in itself.

The therapeutic framework of individual therapy and the empathetic support of your therapist will help you to address your personal issues.

Please read more about our therapeutic approaches under what do we do, especially the related article psychotherapy.

We look forward to see you!