Holotropic Breathwork

Holotropic Breathwork is a psychotherapeutic technique developed by the psychiatrist Stanislav Grof

Stanislav Grof

Stanislav Grofis one of the founders of the transpersonal psychology that supposes an expansion of the understanding of the human psyche beyond the personal bibliography, towards perinatal stages and dimensions beyond the person.


The name “holotropic” means movement towards wholeness. From the Greek word “holos” = totality, and “tropos” = moving towards, and alludes to the overcoming of internal fragmentation.

Expandedor non ordinarystates of consciousness

Holotropic Breathwork allows access to expanded states of consciousnessthat are considered as “healing forces” and proper of the intrinsic wisdom of the psyche and the body. The flow of processes that are allowed to develop naturally, transcend any cognitive understanding of any psychological school or approach.

The method described by Grof allows us to enter the work with the expanded states of consciousness in a safe, respectful and therapeutic context.

The facilitators and therapists are specifically prepared and trained for the accompaniment in this type of experience.

The sessions

begin with an informative and preparationsession.
Holotropic Breathwork is usually done in groups, although there are also individual sessions.

Within groups, people work in pairs that change roles.

The person doing the breathing is fully dedicated to his/ her process and his / her experience.

The caregiveris present and available to the other without interfering or interrupting the process.

The same attitude is presented by the therapists or facilitatorswho supervise the process, being available to help if needed.

The sessions are made up of different components:

Holotropic Breathwork involves breathing more intensely (hyperventilation) in a protected environment. After a short time, breathing usually occurs naturally and effortlessly.

An evocative intercultural musicaccompanies and guides the process.

If appropriate, a specific body workis done and focused on the person’s experience.


Once the breathing session is over, the work is integrated through an expressive drawingand a sharingof experience.

The duration of a breathing session is usually between two and three hours. This is the time marked by the music. In specific cases the sessions may last longer.

It is a therapeutic work that counts at all times with the support of a caregiver, the therapists and the group as a whole.

The experience of this kind of environment of trust, respect and supportusually has a healing component in itself.

The goal is to achieve greater self-understandingand facilitate access to origins of emotional and psychosomatic problems.

Holotropic Breathing means a reparative experiencethat affects the physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual level of the person.

We organize workshops

for Holotropic Breathwork of various lengths.

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