Effective and assertive communication is key to our relationships. We help you express yourself, communicate and make yourself understood , at work or private

Everything communicates

We cannot not communicate. Silences, glances, gestures, words, images, movement, sounds, colors … everything communicates. Not only does it matter what we communicate, but also how.

Media determine communication

We count on so many media to communicate like the new generations of mobile phones with all the apps and social networks. Technology advances and we use new devices and new applications and we hardly realize how media determine the way we do express ourselves.
The use of smart phones is a challenge for our brain. Never before we were asked to focus and refocus out attention so many times like our electronic devices do.  Our attention becomes fragmented and it is increasingly difficult to concentrate. Ask us for a healthy use of media.

Textingmessages is very comfortable and useful. However, how many important conversations are texted nowadays by WhatsApp  or similar apps and how many misunderstandings are created by this which could have been avoided easily in a personal conversation. Are we losing to talk to each other in a personal way, what is so important to our psyche ?

Quantity of remote contacts in the networks do have totally different psychological consequences than the quality of personal relationships. Being able to count on friends calms our system down and eases and regulates emotions. Being able to talk to someone with confidence helps troubleshooting and distress and non violence while anonymous relations might create additional complications.

Communication connects and separates

We communicate with the best of intentions and achieve undesirable effects. We all want to feel understood. Effective and efficient ways to express ourselves determines our relationships, if we are understood,  conflicts do not even come up and  conversations are perceived as pleasant and appealing.

Anti stress communication system

We have developed an easy-to-learn, memorable and extremely efficient communication system.
It can be used at work as well as in private life and partnerships.
We provide communication skills in business trainings  and individual sessions. Contact us if  your communication needs improvement.

Verbal and non-verbal communication

When talking about communication, we usually refer to our language and leave out of consideration that the main part of our communication is non-verbal. Without realizing it, our attention in conversations focuses on understanding gestures, postures, facial expressions, and facial micro-expressions. If we perceive a discrepancy between what is said and the posture or facial expression of the speaker, we are alarmed. Our subconscious is most sensitive to inconsistencies between the two communication channels. That’s why it’s so important that our body and our words express the same thing. We help you express yourself coherently to improve your professional and personal relationships.
Ask us about communication trainings  for speakers, presentations, conferences and to preside meetings but also for your personal development.

If facial expressions and micro-expressions do have a more direct channel to us than words, we would like to hint on the effect of many aesthetic interventions deactivating the facial muscles, depriving us of or facial expression.