Online Psychotherapy

If for geographical or other reasons you will not be able to come to see us personally, we offer online psychotherapy sessions.

If the therapy lasts longer, we recommend supporting the therapeutic relationship with face-to-face sessions.

The online session presents an excellent possibility of a first meeting in case you plan to attend intensive psychotherapy in Mallorca with us.

Make your appointment easily through our contact form, by mail or by phone.

For online sessions, we request payment in advance by bank transfer.

Our online sessions last for 90 minutes.

We offer the following technical support for the sessions:


Please reserve a time for the session, leaving an adequate space in your agenda.

Make sure that the session does not suffer interruptions.

A private room offers a more protected setting than a public place for an online session.

Online therapy is based on the same principles, especially with regard to confidentiality, such as face-to-face psychotherapy.

We look forward to meeting you!