We talk about
your inner peace
We talk about
what you perceive in this moment perceive
We talk about
moments in your life, that mean a change
We talk about
what you say to yourself
We talk about
who you are
We talk about
your relationships
We talk about
everything that is important to you

Psychotherapy, Intensive - Therapy, Gestalt, EMDR Trauma Therapy and Psychosomatics in Mallorca

Here you can find information about the different treatment methods

The following techniques are used in the formats of individual sessions, couples therapy, theme groups, online therapy and intensive psychotherapy. I work with adolescents and adults, whether in the field of clinical psychology, or for personal development. Welcome to Anímate Psychology!


We treat disorders of mental, emotional and behavioral nature. Bring about change through communication.


Gestalt therapy is a current branch of psychology and a form of therapy centered in the present.


Bilateral Stimmulation for the treatment and resolution of the consequences of traumatic experiences.

MBSR - Mindfulness

The practice in mindfulness in clinical application and for daily well-being.

TCI Psychosomatics

Integrative bodywork is a psychotherapy with a special focus on body symptomatology.

Holotropic Breathing

Holotropic breathwork according to Stanislav Grof is a Transpersonal Psychology technique for working with expanded states of consciousness.

German psychologists in Mallorca, Animate Psychology, Anja Dein

I am Anja Dein, graduate psychologist and therapist for Gestalt, EMDR trauma therapy and psychosomatics.

I work with you on topics from the field of clinical psychology as well as on solving difficult life situations. My continuous training guarantees you an updated and efficient treatment.  Build with me on many years of therapeutic experience in the treatment of adults and adolescents.

I look forward to meeting you !


Personality Disorders
Eating disorders
Fear - Phobias - Panic
Self esteem
Stress and burnout
General anxiety disorder


Groups and workshops
Intensive - Psychotherapy
Trainings - Seminars
Online - Psychotherapy
Individual therapy
Couples therapy
Oberberg City Concept
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